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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Joni Massey
Date: 03/05/2006
Location: Redhill
Email: jmunday@interpet.co.uk
Comment: Hi all at Bobtails, just wanted to let everyone know that one eye Jack is very settled in his new home with his girlfriend Willow. Both have been binkying around without a care in the world. Its been lovely to see them snuggle and groom each other, although I think Willow gets the majority of the grooming as she is boss of the household. Both have taken to sleeping on the sofa, (its a hard life!) I would like to say another big big thank you to Delia and Jim for pairing these 2 lovely bunnies and for all the staff at Bobtails that do a fantastic job. lots of love and bunny snuggles Joni, Joe, captain Jack and princess Willow

Name: deirdra dowling
Date: 26/04/2006
Email: deirdra_dowling@yahoo.co.uk
Comment: Saw the pictures of Bud and was very saddened, it reminded me of our rabbit 'spikey' who we rescued from a home where he wasn't being looked after properly, (they were about to move home and leave him behind)!! Like Bud he was very thin, teeth and coat in similar condition and the previous owner's dog had picked him up in his mouth and tossed him aside and left him for dead. This brave little chap made a great recovery and became our very first house bunny. We were frequently rewarded with nose rubs and his endless crazy antics!! So I wish Bud a speedy recovery and hope he finds a nice new home....

Name: victoria
Date: 25/04/2006
Location: Dunstable
Email: maggieg7@hotmail.co.uk
Comment: hello everyone just letting you know that Inky is getting on fine she is really coming out of herself.I lay on the floor and play with her and she likes to kiss me! My little dog Benji trys to play with her but she just runs away,and then runs back up to him again! yours sincerly victoria

Name: Hayley
Date: 14/04/2006
Location: Carshalton, Surrey
Email: hayleychops@blueyonder.co.uk
Comment: Just wanted to say what a great website! Hopeully my bunny Bernie will gain a new friend from this fabulous organisation!!

Name: Lorraine
Date: 14/04/2006
Email: lorrainedigance@blueyonder.co.uk
Comment: Really impressed by the work you do. Popped in to see you a couple of weeks ago. Top tip re: empty loo roll stuffed with hay - my 2 bunnies have had great fun! Sorting out better bunny accommodation so I can hopefully foster - keep up the good work

Name: Helen gorman
Date: 06/04/2006
Location: ChathamKent
Email: helengorman_233@fsmail.net
Web: http://lopwood.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk
Comment: Ive just been reading about the courageous little rabbit Bud, what a brave little bunny.there are some cruel people in this world,I am a strong believer in karma,they will get paid back for their cruelty! Thank God he came to you in the nick of time! plenty of nose rubs for Budxxx

Name: Kay
Date: 04/04/2006
Web: www.kayscavies.piczo.com
Comment: The stories had me in tears,these poor bunnies.I'd like to give the people that let this happen to animals the same treatment .Makes me so mad.You're all doing a fantastic job at Bobtails.Well done .I take my hat off to you.

Name: Howard Wilson
Date: 03/04/2006
Location: Lakenheath, Suffolk
Email: howard@nospam.rockradio.fsnet.co.uk
Comment: So pleased to hear Bud is getting on ok. Good luck little one. We are all thinking of you. Regards Howard

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