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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Emma Dunn
Date: 24/01/2005
Location: Crawley, West Sussex
Email: emma.dunn@ocs.co.uk
Comment: Hi Delia. Just thought i would let you know that Pebbles and Snowy have settled in very well, they have their new pen now, and actually feel like part of the lounge, rather than in a cage. They have been eating well and have had a good run aropund the lounge and lots of time to explore. Thanks for all your advice and time and effort you took to bond them with Daisy Moo. I shall keep you posted as to their progress. Thanks once again and keep up the good work. Emma x

Name: Hannah sears
Date: 07/11/2004
Location: Reigate
Email: hannahsears1_@hotmail.com
Comment: Ginger (I got from bobtales) she is Ginger and with a white bit on her head and she has a friend called honey they are both girls and They are getting on very well and Ginger is a lovely Guinea pig and i love her .thanks Bobtales for all your help.

Name: Rebecca
Date: 31/10/2004
Location: Barnet
Email: rebeccapool@postmaster.co.uk
Comment: Amber (from Bobtails) has bonded beautifully with our ageing rabbit Hank. The two are never out of each other's sight and have a whale of a time chasing each other around the flat. She's also 'taught/reminded' him how to dig holes in the garden...Many thanks for introducing them to each other - if only we had room for more!

Name: Annika Hakansson
Date: 29/10/2004
Location: London
Email: meblinka@hotmail.com
Comment: We got Fluffy (now re-named Jimmy-James) from Bobtails in September. He is an absolute gentleman bunny - 7 years old and with no front teeth, but he is such a cuddly and cheerful soul and we completely adore him. We already had two female bunnies, Poppy and Belle, that we got from Bobtails last year - though we don't dare put them together - Poppy has found love through the bars of the cage and is head over heels in love with him. We are so happy for all three of them and would like to say a huge thank you to Bobtails! Annika, Colin, Poppy, Belle and Jimmy-James xx

Name: Sam Shingler
Date: 19/10/2004
Location: horsham
Email: sambais@hotmail.com
Comment: Hey! Well just a big thank you for Kevin (now Jasper). He is still a bit timid but coming round day by day! He is so laid back he is horizontal!!! and getting a bit tubby! Well thank you again and keep up the good work! if there is anything i can do to help from down here please let me know! Hugs to all the guineas and bunnies. Sam.

Name: Pam, Kerri and Jono
Date: 02/10/2004
Location: Crawley
Email: jono3636@hotmail.com
Comment: We love your site. Love all the bunnies and guineas (especially Jono!!) We have seen first-hand the work you do and the sleep you go without! Wish we were nearer to be able to do more to help. Admire everything Bobtails does for these little creatures.

Name: Alice Hanton
Date: 19/09/2004
Location: Dulwich
Email: janet.hanton@btrinternet.com
Comment: I would just like to say thankyou very much to Bobtails for my new baby guinea pigs Trevor and Teddy (now Bubble and Squeak) Bubble is very cheeky and got stuck up my sleeve! and Squeak is quite shy.

Name: Andrea & James Harding
Date: 25/08/2004
Location: Surrey
Email: andrea.harding@nice.com
Web: http://photobucket.com/albums/v449/NiceBuns/
Comment: We are the proud parents of Poly!!!!! He is the most distinguished & gentle rabbit I have ever seen. My husband and I love him so much. We have recently bonded him with the very glamorous mini lop Heidi. She thinks he is her knight in spotted armour. All day long she moons about and grooms him. He responds by being very manly and allowing her to curl up against him for safe comfy naps. She is truly smitten. Poly (re-named Toby) on the other hand has designs on the garden. He is quite literally planning to take over the world. This Sunday he managed to investigeate every inch of our lawn, raised beds, garage, kitchen etc. Can't imagine life without him now to be honest. Our perfect gentleman Toby.

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