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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: ann and kim
Date: 17/04/2004
Location: chessington
Email: annfairhall@hotmail.com
Comment: Bugsy and Gertie have been fostered by us for about a year. Gertie enjoys talking to the other guinea pigs who live in the house in the hutches next door and pops into see them, but always chooses to go home to Bugsy. Bugsy keeps an eye on all of the piggies and will send them to their hutches when the cats come in to keep them safe (the cats are terrified of the piggies!). They are a happy couple although rabbits and guineas should not live together. We have introduced Gertie to many of the single piggies who stay but she always goes home to Bugsy. Neither Bugsy or Gerite are very well and we are all aware that their time with us will be short, but they have a very happy life and love the comings and goings of the other animals whether they are fostered or with us on holiday. (last week we had another rabbit and bugsy kept going up to the run and making fun of her because Bugsy can run free and she couldn't). Love to all the animals with Delia and Jim

Name: Kathryn
Date: 14/03/2004
Location: South Shields
Comment: This website is great. I love all the pictures. Good luck Bobtails!

Name: Patrina
Date: 20/02/2004
Location: Farnborough Hampshire
Email: patrina.burton@tiscali.co.uk
Comment: Albie sends his love Millie just 'grunts'! You do a fantastic job, keep up the good work WELL DONE, The Site is FANTASTIC,

Name: Ellie
Date: 16/02/2004
Location: Epsom
Email: ellie_skipper@hotmail.com
Comment: Hi there! We adopted our bunny Pebbles at the ripe old age of 9 from you last May. SInce then he has settled in as boss of the household and has even gone through an op to remove his right eye which sadly became ulcerated but he's still alive and very much kicking! I recommend you to everyone who asks me where to get a rabbit. You have a first-class operation and it's evident (especially when I came to pick Pebbles up and take him home for the first time) that you care immensley for each and every animal who comes to you. Thankyou so much!

Name: Kim and Joe
Date: 22/01/2004
Location: Putney
Email: kimfarnden459@hotmail.com
Comment: Delia & Jim We have not stopped thinking of you both since we came to visit on 04/01/04. What wonderful work you do for those lovely bunnies. We love our Bill & Ben. Thank you for letting us adopt them. XX

Name: Tracy and Alex
Date: 18/01/2004
Location: Kent
Email: alexthescaff@msn.com
Comment: We visited today and had our eyes opened to the lengths to which some people are prepared to go to in order to help animals. Thank You for a lovely day and give our love to Nelly who will hopefully be joining our family soon.

Name: Claire
Date: 05/01/2004
Location: Middlesex
Email: claire@housebunny.info
Comment: Happy new year. Just to let you know that Rum (one of the old buns rescued)has had his first Christmas living with his new wife Jessica - they are in love. Rum is acting like a new-born bun, running, skipping, and having the time of his life. Thank you for rescuing him and letting Jessica and I share his new life.

Name: Julie
Date: 30/09/2003
Location: Wallington, Surrey
Email: aimwell@uktoy.com
Comment: Hi Bobtails, Lovely set out site. Saw you all on T.V, hope you found homes for lots of bunnies and piggies through it. You do brilliant work. Julie - Aimwell Guinea Pig Rescue.

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