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On this page are some of the guests staying at Bobtails until they can find a new family of their very own. Adopting a guinea pig shouldn't be taken lightly, we can live for over 7 years and need lots of room to live. Then of course there's all that food to pay for and vets bills when we're feeling poorly.

If you can't find a guinea pig that you think might fit into your life on this page, why not visit us, there are always lots of guinea pigs to cuddle and you might make a new friend.


Guinea Pigs for Adoption

This pair of neutered cuties came to us from separate litters. Poole, the tri coloured one was born as the only male in a group of five on 26th September 2013. He had to be separated from his mum and sister so that he didn't breed with them. Paignton, the chestnut agouti who looks like a hedgehog, was born a few days later, on 29th September 2013 and was an only child (hence his larger size). He had to be split from his mother for the same reason. We were delighted to find that they got on so well when we introduced them - it's been a bit like match.com. Paignton currently has a few health problems that we are sorting out, and therefore these two are not available for rehoming but have become permanent Bobtails residents.


Arlie & Amberley - WE NEED A HOME
These two neutered male guinea pigs were born in August 2010. Arlie is a real mixture: Abyssian cross Sheltie cross, goodness knows! He is ginger and black and very friendly. Amberley is agouti and a little more nervous but he does still like a cuddle. They are looking for a home together.


Gary is a wonderful mixed up cross breed piggie. He is 6 years old and he has been neutered. He looks a bit like he has one of those rats tail hair styles that were all the rage in the 80s. We were told that Gary is shy but we have found that he is anything but shy. Delia said that he was that confident when she was bathing him the other day, that if he had had a loofah handy he would have been standing up scrubbing his armpits and singing badly. Gary is a friendly and charming piggie and, unsurprisingly he was quickly reserved. He ahs now bonded with his two ladies and he has moved in with them.


Emlyn - I AM RESERVED Feed me on eBay
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Emlyn is a beautiful ginger and white crested lady who was born in July 2010. She is an ex-Bobtails piggie who has come back to us because her partner died. She is looking for a home with either a neutered male or with another female. Emlyn has now been reserved subject to a home check and we hope that she will bond with Bubbles. Emlyn is being sponsored this week by Betty Nozka (in Japan), Wendy Garbett and Edita Pacovska (in Germany). Thank you for your support and kindness.


Alban & Bozar - AVAILABLE SOON Feed me on eBay
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Alban & Bozar are a pair of boys who were born in April 2014. Alban is brown and Bozar is black with ginger flecks. Alban came into the rescue with a broken leg and he currently undergoing treatment. He has quite a nasty fracture but is on hutch rest. He is following the vets orders and is recovering well. Hopefully both lads will then be neutered soon and will be looking for a home together in the next few weeks. Alban & Bozar are being sponsored this week by Betty Nozka (in Japan) and Wendy Garbett. Thank you for your support and kindness.


Noodles & Doodles - WE ARE RESERVED
Noodles is a black and tan 'smooth but a bit tufty' neutered boy and his wife Doodles is white and grey "with no tufty bits thank you very much because I spend a great deal of time and money at the salon" (her words and not ours can we please say). Both piggies are 18 months old and they came to use because their previous owner didn't have enough time to look after them. These two are a little nervous but are settling in well and are getting more confident day by day. They are looking for a new home together. Noodles & Doodles have now been reserved subject to a home check.


Black Betty & Rosie Fuzzybum - WE NEED A HOME Feed me on eBay
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Black Betty is a black and tan Texel cross and Rosie Fuzzybum (who possibly has the funniest and uncool name ever) is a cream and agouti Texel cross. Both ladies were born in May 2010 and have previously been much loved house piggies. Their previous owner was very sad to have to hand then over to us due to some sad circumstances. These two piggies are confident ladies and are looking for a new home together. Black Betty & Rosie Fuzzybum are being sponsored this week by Claire Evans, Wendy Garbett, Helene Rooney, Kirsty Fielding, Stephanie Tofil and Emma Pearce. Thank you for your support and kindness.


Ashia is a white and cream smooth lady who was born in February 2010. She came to us because her owner was emigrating. Ashia was reserved subject to a home check on the day that she arrived.


Runeo - I NEED A HOME Information Updated
Runeo is a tri coloured Rex who was born in January 2014. He came to us with the name 'Asbo Bob' because he was apparently a bit of a thug who was fighting with his brother. He spent the whole of the day that he arrived making eyes at the female volunteers and behaving as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. We have renamed him because we didn't want him to get a complex and also because we hope that a new identity will reform him. Runeo has now been neutered and will be ready to meet a female from 23rd September.


Snickers is an ex-Bobtails neutered tri coloured piggie who was born in May 2010. He was originally rehomed to live with an older piggie who has now passed away. Snickers lived as a house piggie and has sadly had to come back to us because his owner is moving and is not allowed to have animals living indoors. Snickers has a few health problems which we need to sort out before he is available for rehoming.


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