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Mr Scruff's Diary - 5/14/2005

Mr Scruffís the name, Scruff to those who know me well.

Iím lucky enough to live with the Cordell family at Bobtails Rescue and through my very own little bright eyes I see so many lovely bunnies coming and going each week that I thought I should share some of their stories with you.

And because I am quite a self-obsessed bun, I thought I ought to tell you about myself first.

Iím charming, affectionate, highly intelligent, entertaining, a whizz at DIY and have a wicked sense of humour Ė I mean how many folk do you know who could spread an entire bowl of pot pourri about the house and get laughed at rather than scolded.

I came to Bobtails to be rehomed but Laura, helped by a host of lovely ladies who volunteer each week, persuaded her dad and mum Jim and Delia to let me stay Ė hurray for me.

Iíve never seen anything quite like Bobtails Ė there are so many unwanted buns just hopping about having a great time waiting for their new mums and dads to turn up. Sometimes bunnies arenít suitable for rehoming because they have problems and they just stay here or go to Auntie Maryís. Itís like bunny heaven. Youíre probably wondering why my friends need new homes at all. Well if they didnít find homes then Bobtails wouldnít have room to take in the constant stream of needy buns who come through the door.

I overheard a phone call the other day from a man whose daughter had seen a rabbit with a battery-operated dog strapped to its back at a student party.

She was so outraged that she took the poor bun away from the students and asked her mum and dad for help. They rang Bobtails and a few days later Mr Duck arrived with us.

What a fantastic chappy he is. Thereís no wonder volunteer Martine fell in love with him. Heís such a flirt that boy. Between me and you, heís always in trouble and usually has a tuft of cat fur hanging out of his mouth. Martine says her cats are terrorised.

There was the case of Roger who turned out to be called Maxwell. I couldnít believe my loppy ears when I heard about this one. An elderly man was woken in the middle of the night by banging. The poor old lad thought he was been burgled. When he went to investigate he found a bunny had been pushed through his air vent in his kitchen and was sitting in his sink. How that bunny wasnít hurt Iíll never know. Anyway, the old man called his neighbour who contacted Bobtails.

A few days later Roger arrived and settled in. Then, a miracle happened. His real owners had been frantically searching for him after they found their beloved bun Maxwell missing from his hutch and eventually tracked him down to Bobtails.

The even better news is that they are thinking of getting him a girlfriend Ė something we all need.

I tried my luck with a fellow resident here in the Cordell household. A slow-moving chap with a shell on his back Ė known as Squirt the Tortoise.

I think Iím losing my touch. Whenever I nudge my nose under his nose for a little cuddle he just s-l-o-w-l-y w-a-l-k-s away. I wait so patiently with my eyes closed. How can he not fuss me? Iím lovely. I was very polite to him but Delia has moved him to another room.

Anyway, Iíll be off now in my constant search for love and attention. Don't forget to pay me a visit next week to find out what's been going on.

Love Mr Scruff

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***After 20 plus years it is with great sadness that we have decided that the time is coming to bring Bobtails Rescue to an end. Bobtails will finally close 1st November 2022***

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