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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: kathy walker
Date: 19/12/2009
Location: wallington
Comment: Hello Delia,you may or may not remember me but i adopted a rabbit from you in october 2007. She is called Caterine and she is still going strong. Unfortunately her companion "Buck" who was my only rabbit prior to adopting her has passed away leaving Caterine alone. I am thinking of trying to get her another companion and will be calling on you for advice and help in choosing a suitable friend for her.You may remember me if i tell you i live in upper road in wallington. I will try to contact you ,meanwhile my phone number is 02086470021or mob.07709314632. Thanks

Name: Deborah Williams
Date: 15/12/2009
Location: Wales
Comment: Keep up the good work - you do an amazing job with these little guys x

Name: Natasha
Date: 14/12/2009
Location: Surrey
Email: tashasmurf@hotmail.com
Comment: Hello, I recently adopted Jasmine to live with my male rabbit Coffee. They have been together at home for just over 6 weeks and are very happy together. Coffee is thrilled to have a new lady friend and they are very much in love. Well done for all your hard work.

Name: Davina Macdonald
Date: 10/12/2009
Email: davinamacd@btinternet.com
Comment: Hi ya I'm Malcolm's other half and as I write this both Misti and Colca are having a great time chewing a log with some carrot in it that's rolling around the floor! I love your themes for the names! You could run a suggestion log!

Name: Mal Russell
Date: 10/12/2009
Location: Jordan
Email: malrussell@btinternet.com
Comment: Just been looking at the rbbits for adoption - friend has just lost theirs and wants a new one. So sad to see so many that have been so cruelly treated. I wish there was no need for you to exit but please keep up the god work!! PS Colca (was Cognac) is very well and still madly in love with Misti

Name: Mr Darcy and Annabell
Date: 07/12/2009
Location: Sutton, Surrey
Email: myhappyplace85@yahoo.co.uk
Web: www.godblessthismess.co.uk
Comment: Annabelle told me that staying with bobtails was great but she is very happy with me in Sunny Sutton. We have been together with Simon and Carol for over 4 months now. We are totally spoilt and have the entire upstairs of the house all to ourselves. We are looking forward to our first Christmas together,

Name: Lindsay and Adam
Date: 07/12/2009
Location: Surrey
Email: lindsay_barlow@hotmail.com
Comment: We have brought home Rigg and Ling (now known as Poppy and Kami) to join our guinea pig, Sid, and Ben has joined our rabbit Willow. All are settling in well and are getting lots of cuddles. Thank you Bobtails for helping us to find great partners for our two!

Name: Holly
Date: 01/12/2009
Email: Hollylolly@rocketmail.com
Comment: cinnamon has been put with a Girl

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Sunday 1st February 2015 between 12pm and 2pm
by appointment only

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