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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Sophie
Date: 23/10/2011
Comment: I bought my two bunnies Nibbles and Floppy originally Guy and Sparks from bobtails about 5 years ago they are both still in great form and the best bunnies ever Thanks to bobtails for rescueing them when they were babies

Name: Natasha
Date: 09/10/2011
Location: Leatherhead
Email: tashasmurf@hotmail.com
Comment: Hi, just to let you know Jasmine and Strontium are all settled and very happy. Jasmine seems to have learnt very quickly from Ronny ( as he is now known) how to relax, something which seems to be Ronny's favorite past time!!

Name: Jerseylotte
Date: 07/10/2011
Location: United Kingdom
Email: sherbypoo@hotmail.com
Comment: Read the Mitcham story, thank goodness you guys were able to help and did such a great job! Some incredible stories and lots of lucky animals that have been helped by you, keep up the great work!

Name: maria
Date: 05/10/2011
Location: epsom
Comment: Hi folks. Have just read your Mitcham rescue story.Words fail me. It is a miracle that any of these poor creatures were still alive. This is not a couple of weeks neglect, this must surely have been going on for months. I bet they have eaten and slept in comfort. They are a disgrace to the human race. Thank you for saving them. Maria

Name: Linda
Date: 03/10/2011
Location: Ewell
Email: lynzblingbling@hotmail.com
Comment: What a fabulous idea and right on my doorstep cant wait to visit. Great website too very impressive!

Name: Anne
Date: 03/10/2011
Location: Bedfont
Email: aejones50@hotmail.co.uk
Comment: Hi everyone at Bobtails, love the desk calender, are you doing the wall one? I do hope so as the bunny photos are great. Bindi and Khya are enjoying this spell of summer!! Hugs to all the buns..

Name: Linda Corbett
Date: 27/09/2011
Location: Cheam
Email: ljcorbett64@gmail.com
Comment: Hi Anna, Spudley is now very settled in his new home and is a very happy piggie. He is still a little hesitant(our three sows are quite noisy) but is getting the hang of being in charge! I have left my e-mail address in case you want to get in touch or you would like an update.

Name: Ellen
Date: 11/09/2011
Location: Fareham, Hampshire
Comment: OMG!!! Two words .... SNOOP DOGGY!!!! I think I'm in love :0)

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We are next open:

Sunday 1st February 2015 between 12pm and 2pm
by appointment only

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