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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Alison Carter
Date: 09/04/2009
Location: Leatherhead
Comment: Back in November I adopted Lulu and Daisy, two v cute guineas to join my loneley boy pig Sparky. I just wanted to let you know that they are now more than settled in and we have discovered that Daisy has perhaps the loudest wheek in the world (which wakes our neighbours up at 7am when they have thier first feed!) and that poor Lulu can only manage a whisper! Thank you for our lovely pigs! Alison

Name: Sara Bush
Date: 06/04/2009
Location: Cornwall
Email: saraandjb@msn.com
Web: www.bushbabyhome.co.uk
Comment: Just to say a big well done to all of the Bobtails Team. I think you do a fantastic job and I'm very proud to be associated with you. Tons of love from Cornwall! Sara xxxx

Name: Hattie
Date: 04/04/2009
Comment: Hi i got Moxie Crimefighter last sunday. He is so sweet and my bunny Ziggy who he was pair with is having so much fun with him! I love the name Moxie Crimefighter so i am keeping his name, most of the time i call him just Moxie though. At the moment Moxie and Ziggy are in their run, hopping madly around! Soon, I will send you a picture of them together. Thank you so much. Hattie. xxxx

Name: Claire
Date: 23/03/2009
Location: Harrow Weald
Email: williams.claire44@yahoo.co.uk
Web: XxclairebabixX@hotmail.co.uk
Comment: Hayyh x twitchy and downee are such a cute couple, they have been enjoying the sun ! tooo bad its not going to be nice anymore ! =[ C you soon, claire x

Name: Catherine
Date: 14/03/2009
Location: Surrey
Comment: Bobtails is so gr8 I love all the animals-my friend has 2 guinie pigs from bobtails and is soooooo thankful to you for all your hard work!

Name: isabelle
Date: 08/03/2009
Location: walton
Email: isabelle_leybourne@hotmail.co.uk
Web: non
Comment: i just can today to your rescue with my dad its really good what you are doing so me and my dad have made that its a good idea to get leo my lion head bunny to the vets to get nutered that i will sort out his living place and then i will come to reseve a bunny of yours keep up the good work isabelle and jermey (my dad) and leo xxx

Name: Hattie
Date: 03/03/2009
Email: jaydevereux@yahoo.co.uk
Comment: Hi my name is Hattie and I am hoping to adopt Moxie Crimefighter to become good friends with my bunny Ziggy (Stardust). I loved looking at all the rabbits and guinea pigs and I can't wait to come back! All the rabbits looked so happy and loved playing in their runs. See you soon Hattiexx

Name: maria
Date: 23/02/2009
Location: epsom
Comment: Hi all, We have had Punky and Shaun (formally Prancer & Blitzen) 7 weeks now, they are wonderful. Doing great both of them, have started helping with decorating the lounge by stripping wallpaper behind the table! Looking forward to better weather so they can do something more helpful by cutting the lawn! Maria

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