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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: maria
Date: 07/04/2013
Location: epsom
Comment: So lovely to see all the guests out enjoying the sunshine and grass this morning, they all looked so happy. Seeing the baby piggies, two weeks old, they are so cute and have such glossy coats. Wanted to bring them home with me!Long may we have sunshine and warmth. Maria xx

Name: Chloe
Date: 22/03/2013
Location: Chessington
Email: chloea99@hotmail.com
Comment: We can't thank Bobtails enough for bonding our own rabbit Charlotte with Bobtail bunny Oddjob. The pair are very much in love. Bobtails is a truely wonderful place and we admire the work amd dedication. Thank you!

Name: Isabelle
Date: 18/02/2013
Comment: 2 of my guinea pigs have died and i am looking for other guinea pigs. I will not be getting them too soon though, i'm waiting for the other remaining 2 to settle down before i get 2 or more.

Name: maria
Date: 28/01/2013
Location: epsom
Comment: Poor Baldrick, so sad too see him in such a state. There are no excuses for letting any animal get into that state. So pleased that he will have the life he deserves with Shirley.

Name: Maria
Date: 21/12/2012
Location: Epsom
Comment: Wishing everyone at Bobtails, volunteers and furry guests, a very Happy Christmas. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do to help these lovely animals. Much love the Steer family xx

Name: Madeline Duncan
Date: 12/09/2012
Email: madelineduncan@hotmail.com
Comment: In October 2007 we adopted Bez,a big old softy of a dwarf lop as a companion for our bunny Mopsy, and the two of them lived so happily together for over 2 years until Mopsy sadly passed away. Bez lived with us for a further 2 and a half years, in excellent health and always loving his cuddles and treats we thought he'd go on for ever! sadly he had a bad stroke in August and it was kindest to let him go but we were so lucky to have adopted this gentle giant, RIP Bez and thank you Bobtails.

Name: Ella
Date: 16/08/2012
Comment: Hello bobtails! Almost a year ago now I adopted two guinea pigs - formerly known as Betty and Harriet. We saw them just two hours after they came in and I remember thinking they didn't deserve to be here simply because of the family moving. I knew they were the ones for me when they started licking my fingers and now Lily and Lola seem hapy living here with all the attention they deserve! Thankyou Bobtails - how time flies!

Name: Wendy Ringer
Date: 15/08/2012
Location: Bristol
Email: wendywalton777@hotmail.co.uk
Comment: Last weeek we lost our beloved house bunnies, Benjamin and Jessica - both aged 10. Benjamin was a Bobtails bun -and Delia helped us bond him with Jessica all those years ago. We are so sad to have lost them both - Benjamin went first - and Jessica less than 24 hours later (I guess she couldnt bear to be without her bunny soul mate). However, they had a long and happy life together. Thank you so much to Bobtails - these wonderful creatures so enriched our lives for the past decade.

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We are next open:

Sunday 1st February 2015 between 12pm and 2pm
by appointment only

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