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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Jay
Date: 04/10/2005
Location: North Wales
Email: jaypot@btinternet.com
Web: www.ebonyeyes.co.uk
Comment: I was so very sad to hear of the passing of dear Scruff - I loved to read his scribbles and it will not be the same without him. I feel for you all as he was obviously a very loved bun. Run free in the eternal sunshine dear Scruff - say hello to all my Bridge babies for me and a special hello to those from the Bobtails clan - Mr Jingles, Boots, Alfie and Douglas. - xxxx

Name: Ann and Kim, Bugsy and Jimmy
Date: 01/10/2005
Location: Chessington
Email: annfairhall@hotmail.com
Comment: We are so sorry to hear about Mr Scruffs. He was such a special bun. He made Bugsy feel at home when she had to come, being the same size as Jimbo. We all send nuggy cuddles to you all. We look foward to hearing from Mr Einstien and know he will do a good job. love ann kim bugsy and jimmy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxz

Name: Claire
Date: 01/10/2005
Location: Frimley
Web: www.doedropinn.co.uk
Comment: Dear All, what a very sad time. I was working at Bobtails the day Mr Scruff came in. We all fell in love with him and we all wanted to take him home. I spent ages with him on my lap cuddling him (when I should of been working!) He was truly a special bunny. Last year Botails re-homed 901 animals, yet Mr Scruff made such an impact that he was allowed to make Bobtails his forever home. I know Laura, Delia, Sarah, Bradley,Jim and Tess (the dog) loved him very much. He will be greatly missed by everyone who met him, cuddled him or read his scribbles. We will miss Scruff's Scribbles and wish Einstein all the best in his secondment. Mr Scruff will never be forgotten. As Mr Scruff said "nudgey cuddles to you and all your bunnies". Claire x

Name: Laura Chandler
Date: 27/08/2005
Location: Farnham
Email: laurachandler2005@hotmail.co.uk
Comment: Dear Delia, Jim and all the wonderful volunteers at bobtails, I just wanted to let you know that one of your more recent rescue buns, Tommy, has settled in wonderfully with my OT. Tommy had quite a short stay at Bobtails but I'm sure you'll remember that he was a very laid back cuddly bun which has helped his pairing with OT as she likes to be the one in charge! They are enjoying their time together relaxing in their spacious hutch and spend the evenings exploring the decking and inside the house. I was pleased to find that Tommy is a keen explorer and has not been put off by his new surroundings. Thank you for helping me find a new playmate for OT and well done for all the good work you do. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: Jane Ocallaghan
Date: 20/07/2005
Location: Hampton,Middlesex
Email: jane@furries.fsnet.co.uk
Comment: Hi there. Have just read Jim's poem....BRILLIANT.Perhaps the first of many....? Others could contribute their writings which could all go into a book to sell to raise some funds for the Bobtails Bunnies and Piggies. Jim and Delia it is people like you who remind us that this world isnt all bad. Lots of Love Jane and the Bunnies xx

Name: Ann and kim
Date: 06/07/2005
Location: Chessington
Email: annfairhall@hotmail.com
Comment: Hello all Thought all of you at Bobtails would like to know that Jimmy the Giant Lop has settled into his foster home with us. Now I was told he was lazy and didn't like to move too much. Not our Jimbo. He has been down the garden, investigated all the guineas. Hidden under the bushes. Climbed a wall ( about 8 inches) Run away from Bugsy when they both ended up out together and she sniffed his bum. Everyone who comes here has fallen in love with him and I think my mother may try and put him up her jumper and sneak him out. Well maybe he hasn't slimmed down enough yet. Keep up the good work Ann and Kim

Name: Emma
Date: 24/06/2005
Location: New Malden
Comment: Just a note to let you know that Tufty has settled in really well and he and Cindy have become very attached to each other. I hope Purdy is as happy in her new home.

Name: Elizabeth
Date: 23/06/2005
Location: Crawley
Email: sexyliz9@hotmail.com
Comment: Hi to everyone at Bobtails, you are all amazing people. just a quick e mail to let you know Bugsy and Rambo are still very much enjoying their new life with us, although Rambo has had a few health problems recently he is much better now after quite a few visits to the local vets ! They love sunning themselves in the garden and rolling around like pigs on their backs ! I would definately love one day to come back and get another pair of bunnies to make it a really big family !

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