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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Clementine Eady
Date: 18/03/2008
Location: Wimbledon
Email: clemmy_eady@hotmail.com
Comment: Just a note to say that Alfie and Tallulah (aka Fluffy) are getting on really well. Tallulah is still a bit shy but loves rolling around on the floor and flirting. Alfie is as cheeky as ever and does not stop licking you. Anyway i love them more each day and only wish i could adopt more if i had the room. Keep up the good work and will email you some pictures soon. All the Best Clemmie, Alfie and Tallulah

Name: Hannah
Date: 16/03/2008
Email: hanyspider@hotmail.com
Web: none
Comment: hello, me and leigh re homed bill and ted on saturday and they are so cute and funny!! thank you for letting us re home them and we shall be sending you some pics soon!!! they have already had some adventures around the house and seem to like their new house :>)

Name: Colin
Date: 13/03/2008
Location: Just down the road!!!
Web: www.curzons-patch.com
Comment: Just a quick scribble to let you know that Merry & Pippin, formally Rag & Bobtail have settled into "Hutch End", although if K had her way, they'd be indoors with Marble & Smudge!!! Will update web-site at w'end... TTFN!

Name: amy langfield
Date: 06/03/2008
Location: ewell village
Email: amylangfield@yahoo.co.uk
Comment: Abby and Ulay send their love! They have settled in brilliantly and make their new Mum and Dad laugh everyday when they get excited about their apple treat! Thanks again Bobtails you are amazing and really helped me with your advice about my new bunnies, I love them they are hilarious. Keep up the good work! Amy and Andy

Name: Emma
Date: 24/02/2008
Comment: Hi! My name is Emma and I'm 11 years old. I visited Bobtails today and was really impressed with everything. The animals are so well cared for and really easy and good to handle. I'm looking at some guinea pigs, but I urge more people to do so too. If I can't rehome Ruskin and Milton, I want anyone considering them to know what lovely piggies they are and how friendly they were and please adopt them or others! Thank you Bobtails for the work you do!

Name: claire
Date: 23/02/2008
Location: Harrow Weald
Email: williamsiac@btinternet.com
Comment: dear, bobtails i have chosen a bunny named Downee to take home once she and my other bunny (twitchy) have bonded. we will have to leave twitchy with you for a while. it is very sad for me to leave my baby some where else because then i only have my cat ben who's hobby's are only sleeping 24/7 !!! i will see you soon

Name: Charlotte Waldron
Date: 19/02/2008
Location: Camberley, Surrey
Comment: Hi Delia, Jim and everyone! We just wanted to let you know that Jasper (previously Butthead) and Bennie are doing really well in their knew home! Jasper is VERY playful and is ALWAYS on the move!It's lovely to see him and Bramble cuddling together- they are soooooo in love!Bennie is very friendly and loves to lick our arms when we stroke him! He and Arny are now very close and love to snuggle together!It's great to see everybody so happy! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and our gorgeous buns! Bobtails is the best!!!! Charlotte.

Name: Jodie McTurk
Date: 17/02/2008
Location: Scotland
Comment: I think you's are totally wonderful people taking in and caring for all those unwanted guinipigs and rabbits. I have got four rabbits and im gettin a house bunny soon. I think you should give the animal better names because they are not very interesting names and i think that if you give them more exciting names they will get rehome alot more quickly. I would like to give you a few name ideas - barney, poppy, freckles, arnie, angel, fluffy, holly, gizzmo, tucker, bambi,juno,minx, codi,casper,milo,jake,dixie,willow,bob,maxi and names more interesting. =] xx lol. i am 14 years old and i take very good care of my four rabbits, i am inspired to love and care for animals as much as yous do. Thankyhoo v.very much for your brill website xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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