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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Gemma & Giancarlo Persico
Date: 14/05/2007
Location: Fleet, Hampshire
Comment: Hi, Morelli and Buttons are doing very well in their new home! Buttons certainly has a healthy appetite and is a real little character! Morelli is still a little shy but with plenty of cuddles he is sure to become more confident! Buttons in particular sings for her veggies, and they both have their noses in the air when they can sniff food on the way! Keep up the great work you do, it really is a wonderful charity.

Name: Sean
Date: 13/05/2007
Location: Hampton
Email: ballyersean@aol.com
Comment: Hi guys, hope you are all well and everything is good in the bunny world. The extended family is a bit of a handful but what a joy. I keep trying to come up with ideas of what to build next for them, a bigger house required. Anyway, Honeybunny, now Chicapea and Harlan, now Bobo have settled in really well and have been litter trained in a couple of days. Rumple and Truffle get on great together. Sugarpuff had a little strop for a while and now and again stamps her feet but is getting used to the other rabbits being around. I think the cat is feeling a little neglected with all the attention given to the rabbits. Thanks for all your help in setting up our little family, keep up the good work. Hope to come over and see you soon. Best wishes Sean & Julie

Name: Emma and Matty Reynolds
Date: 09/05/2007
Location: Reigate
Web: -
Comment: Hi, Coco has settled in very well! He enjoys bouncing in the furry tunnel and is squeaking, while I type! Squeak and Coco get on very well and whenever they hear a plastic bag, they expect grass - they squeak - very loudly! Thank you for looking after him when he was staying at Bobtails! Emma and Matty.

Name: Rebecca
Date: 05/05/2007
Location: surrey
Email: -
Web: -
Comment: we got our bunnies almost a year ago. they are 1 on 6th June. They have settled in really well and r really sociable - my neighbour adores them! infact so do i1 - My rabbit was called Murrey but is now called Cookie. my sisters rabbit was called croppet but now Chico. i think u r doing a great thing c ya!

Name: Claire Williams
Date: 28/04/2007
Location: Harrow Weald
Email: williamsiac@btinternet.com
Comment: hi how are you i'm fine and so are sean and connery they are getting used to the hutch and run more and more. this mornig i caught connery touching noses with nextdoors kitten tipsy.today they have been in the run and me and my friend hollie have held them.and just to let you know i love your site

Name: Claire Williams
Date: 26/04/2007
Location: Harrow Weald
Email: williamsiac@btInternet.com
Comment: Sean and connery are coming round abit now, were puting them in the run this afternoon so i can hold them. my friend sarah held sean the other day she really liked it and there even leting us groom them

Name: Claire Williams
Date: 22/04/2007
Location: Harrow Weald
Email: williamsiac@btinternet.com
Comment: Sean and Connery are now fast asleep in their new hutch.They are still a little nervous but they were very good on the way home.But you can't blame them for being frightened as it's all very new to them as they've never been in a car before and have never been taken away from their home at Bobtails.I promise to keep you posted on their progress in their new home.

Name: Suzanne and George
Date: 09/04/2007
Location: Earlsfield
Email: g_o_radanov@hotmail.com
Comment: Hi Guys, 24 hours on from us getting Bugsy and the 'little' man is settling in extremely well in his new surroundings as if he had always been there. Thank you for all your support in the past few months. Keep up the amazing work that you all do.

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