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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Sarah
Date: 11/09/2009
Location: Cobham
Comment: Hi I just wanted to remind everybody about the importance of keeping their buns' myxomatosis jabs up to date. We thought it was once yearly but it turns out it should be done very six months. Because we made this error, four out of our eight bunnies have died and three are sick. These 3 had jabs after the first one died so there is a chance they will survive as they have got a milder disease. Only one bun is completely healthy. So please everybody, get those jabs done if you haven't already!

Name: the Taylors
Date: 24/08/2009
Location: near Dorking
Comment: We adopted Flopsy and Mopsy earlier in the year and are pleased to report that they have settled in well and seem to be happy in their new home.our children are enjoing the responsibility of feeding them and cleaning them out and Flopsy and Mopsy seem to be used to them now.Thank you for your great advice and help in choosing the right rabbits for us.

Name: Kris
Date: 24/08/2009
Web: http://www.thepetsupplystore.net/category/Clothing/
Comment: Congrats with this very nice website ! You guys are doing excellent work !

Name: sam mckay
Date: 18/08/2009
Location: surrey
Email: arieliscute@hotmail.co.uk
Comment: Thank you so much for the two baby rabbits I have, Butterscotch and Teasel, which by the way she is now called Clover(Teasel) They are amazing!!!!!!

Name: Polly
Date: 12/07/2009
Location: Surrey
Comment: I love your website, it is fab! You look after the rabbits so well! I really think that Dolce and Gabbana are beautiful, and I am keeping my eye on them! So glad that William has now got a home, he was so sweet when I visited last! Well done! Polly xxxxx

Name: Miranda
Date: 10/07/2009
Comment: Thank you so much for our gorgous guinea piggies, Twiglet and Guacamole! We often call Guacamole, "Molly" for short. Twiglet is quite the explorer - always wandering around! Thanks SO MUCH!

Name: Karen & Hadley
Date: 26/06/2009
Location: Bonnieland
Email: bunnymad@talk21.com
Comment: Hello everybody, we can't wait to see you all again!! We keep up to date with Bobtails news every day, it will be lovely to be part of it all again even if only for a few days. Love Karen, Hadley & the furries xxxxxxxxx

Name: maria
Date: 01/06/2009
Location: epsom
Comment: hi all, wow how busy have you guys been? punky and shaun were 6months last week (formally prancer and blitzen) big boys now. they are really good lawn mowers i fear we may run out grass before they run out of appetite! they sit by the back door and whoop until someone lets them out. they make their own way out and back in when let out of the run. they are still as cute as ever will eat almost anything and shaun has a foot fetish....he loves to lick toes! rather him than me. keep up your wonderful good work you lovely people. xx

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Sunday 26th October 2014 between 1pm and 4pm
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