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Below are comments left by our visitors. If you would like to leaves us a note please sign the guestbook.

Name: Lucinda
Date: 13/02/2006
Location: Bath
Email: lucindahart@hotmail.com
Comment: Poor Bud. I heard about him on another site. I will be watching his progress. lots of love to him.xxx

Name: Jay
Date: 13/02/2006
Location: North Wales
Email: jaypot@btinternet.com
Web: www.ebonyeyes.co.uk
Comment: I am heartbroken to read Bud's story - I know just how cruel people can be and cannot put down the words of what I would do to them! Come on little Bud - fight and live life to the full - prove the B******* wrong who dumped you. Healing and positive vibes to you darling - xxxx

Name: Natalie
Date: 13/02/2006
Location: Lancing
Email: nataliebrookes15@hotmail.com
Comment: Poor little Bud. What a world we live in. All buns are defenceless, innocent creatures who causes no harm to anyone. Why are some people so cruel? I feel very sad from reading his story, but thank God he is in the hands of Delia and Jim - there really is no better place for him right now. All fingers and toes are crossed for a speedy recovery. (p.s. message from my adopted Bobtail bunnies: "be strong little fella - we are thinking of you and hope you are hopping (and binkying) around very soon, luv Millie & Buffy x x x)

Name: Bugsy and Jimmy
Date: 12/02/2006
Email: annfairhall@hotmail.com
Comment: We would like to send big nuggy cuddles to little bud. We no what it's like to have our Auntie Delia and Uncle Jim tending to our every need. We would also like to send our Auntie Delia and Uncle Jim nuggy cuddles and to keep up there good work

Name: William Heneker
Date: 11/02/2006
Location: Surrey, UK
Email: heneker@aol.com
Comment: Bud's story is so sad, even I cried (and I'm a bloke). This is absolutely heart breaking and I just can't stop thinking about it. How can anybody be so cruel? I will be making a donation towards Bud's vets bills. At least he is in safe hands now.

Name: Jackie
Date: 10/02/2006
Location: England
Email: Jackie1161gp@aol.com
Web: http://www.jackiesguineapiggies.com/
Comment: It was heartbreaking reading about poor little Bud, such terrible cruelty. I really hope the little fella pulls through. 'Hang in there darling Bud'. Jackie, piggies and buns

Name: Claire
Date: 10/02/2006
Email: Claire@doedropinn.co.uk
Comment: I am horrified by poor Bud, how on earth can people let an animal get into this state? This is EXTREMELY CRUEL. I don't have the words to comment. I cried readig his story and seeing his photos. (well sobbed) I have everything crossed for him. Well done Jim and Delia for being there for him. Claire x

Name: Karen
Date: 10/02/2006
Location: Yeading
Email: karen_pettifer@baa.com
Comment: Like Delia, Jim, Claire and so many others, I am absolutely disgusted with Bud's previous owners. There is no excuse on this earth to let any animal suffer, especially to this extent. At times like this, I am ashamed to be human. Rabbits donít ask for a lot Ė and Budís previous owners didnít even consider him worthy of the minimum care. He has everything he needs now, but only time will tell if the cruelty has gone too far. Budís spirit is not quite broken, but how much can even a fighter take? Delia and Jim are doing everything they can for the little guy. Undoubtedly Budís vet bills will be huge. Please give whatever you can to help. How many others are out there we donít know about? Please keep an eye on your neighbours, for the animalsí sakes, and offer advice where itís needed. We can all make a difference. I have a favourite saying ďwe canít save all the animals in the world, but for each one we do save, it IS the worldĒ.

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